what wednesdays were made for…

I’ve had a lot of homeschool moms, over the years, comment on how luxurious and easy my life must be, as I only educate one child at home. 
Folks, it’s not easy. In fact, I think it’s harder… Plus, i’m starting to wonder if this one child-centric routine we have, isn’t a bit unhealthy on said only child. She knows that the course of my day, and what I can accomplish revolves around her and that gives her quite a bit of power. 
It causes quite a bundle of problems. 
Let’s just say that though with great power comes great responsibility, the result these days seems to be great wickedness and a huge attitude of selfishness. 
So, since I have the luxury of only educating one child at home, and said child is old enough to behave somewhat reasonably in public- i’ve decided to mix things up a bit. 
Three days a week will be entirely home and education focused. For the whole of those three days, there will be little else occurring. These are the days where my laundry or household chores will mostly occur. These are the days where my bread {and other} baking, will occur. If time appears, on said days, for writing or what-have-you, than fantastic! If not, no loss as that’s not what these three days are for. {plus, lets face it, I am an adult who makes my own schedule. I can easily get up earlier or stay up later.} 
It’s the other two week days I am excited about. 
On these two days Gen will have school work that she can do independently, without me. Since we do a lot of unit studies, it will be lighter loads on these two days. These are also the days though, when we’ll rsvp for field trips or go swimming. These are the days where a movie may fit in with what we’re doing- or not. Maybe I’ll just want to watch a movie… These are the days that maybe we’ll devote an entire afternoon to reading and sipping tea- or escaping to my favorite coffee place for a steaming cup of chai and uninterrupted time to write overdue letters. 
This is today… 
These days, like today, can be loosely scheduled- or completely free. 
These days can include hanging out with friends or working on art/craft projects all day. 
These days can include pajamas and tivo, or nature walks, or home spa days, or _______________… 
I kinda think i’m going to love days like today! 
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