my morning meltdown…

Good morning! 
I realize I barely get the right to say that, as it’s only minutes away from eleven a.m. 
Considering the rocky morning we’ve had around Chez’ Wagner though- it’s progress. :) 
Things are much better than yesterday. Except I have this weird swelling in one area of my gums, but you don’t want to hear about THAT- trust me… 
The sun is shining some, which is absolutely excellent. 
We were going to spend the morning on a photo excursion and then go swimming, but alas- one of the two of us was not at all co-operative and so here we are, me getting a late start on a blog post and her- crying through math. Cest la’ Vie… 
In other news, what about those Oscar nominations, eh? See, while the rest of the world is emotionally caught up in football and whether or not their team will make it to the big Super Bowl- (most of my friends’ teams did NOT) i have been happily watching movies and mentally noting my Oscar predictions. Over all, {minus the Tree of Life} I am pretty pleased with them. There are two films I’ve yet to see- {The Tree of Life being one of them. I was hoping to avoid it.} And yes, I realize this is the part where I lose many of you because you are still caught up in your grief and sadness over your teams not making it to the SB. *sigh* 
Of course, now that the nominations are out- it’s time to start planning my Oscar party. I have a few ideas… I sent out paperless invites (I hate doing that, but I hear it’s the GREEN way to go.) and have had three people RSVP. Three… There are nine films nominated. The key thing to do is a food item representing each film. That’s a dang lot of food for three guests… 
One day, when we have a house with actual conducive space- I plan to do an Academy Award couples dinner party- complete with Red Carpet and over the top ridiculousness… This, this is just {another} good, old fashioned pajama party. 
Give it two weeks and I’ll be panicking and feeling completely rejected from invited friends, tinkering on the edge of suicide and quizzing everyone I see- {the homeless included} as to whether or not they own pajamas and would like to come. My how times have grown worse considering just 24 months ago I was interviewed by USAToday regarding my party… I shudder to think about next year… Of course, this is all in fun… sort of. But really, if i invited you- please come. K? 
This post took an unexpected turn so I’m going to close it now… 
I need to compose myself… 
Gosh, I wish I were swimming… 
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3 thoughts on “my morning meltdown…

  1. I would SO totally come if only I did live a state away! I usually watch them ALONE and text a particular friend all the way through them…So, don't worry, you'll never be as pathetic as I am!

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