First things first…

This is the dreariest of Mondays, both inside and out… 
Outside our windows, wet winter drizzle tries to drown happiness and warmth. 
Inside our windows there is sickness, stress and worry over legal proceedings, life choices and the future. 
There is some grieving over the death of our wii. 
There is news of childhood suicides, which breaks my heart. (To clarify, the deaths are not of people our family knows directly, but it’s sad all the same.) 
Inside feels overwhelming and stuff, like I can’t breathe. I want to throw open the windows and let fresh air in. 
But, yeah… 
So, this is pathetically me, asking you to send your good vibes our way because we could sure use them today… 
And also, some tummy soothing tea, if you don’t mind. 
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6 thoughts on “First things first…

  1. :( emotions can drain very quickly when so much is going on. Prayers going up for you – the joy of the Lord is your strength. I'll pray He will help you find that joy even today!

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