Why hello, twenty-twelve…

Not much of a fan of resolutions, I do like to give each year a theme and make a list of goals. {2009 was Simplicity, 2010 was Happiness, 2011 was living Authentically…} 
If you’ve been reading here long, it probably won’t surprise you that my theme for 2012 is: 
By health, of course, I mean body/spirit/mind/relationships… 
After spending an entire week off, with Chw and the girls (granted, Amanda had to work, but I didn’t- which was my point) i’ve been thinking a lot about my goals in the year to come. With one girl heading off for training  education and adventure- and another one entering her teens- 2012 is sure to be a WILD ride of a year… 
Me and my health
– Cut back on wheat significantly, if not entirely. 
– Be more proactive with my naturopath. 
– lose at least one pound per week. 
– read, at least, one book a month FOR ME… 
– spend quiet/personal/devotional time, daily. 
– learn new things. 
– proceed fearlessly. 
– act intentionally, in everything. 
– Put an ending to Liar, and edit it. 
– QUERY!!!
– Attend a Writer’s Conference. 
– Be more disciplined about clearly dividing my work-at-home time and my home time. 
– Pay down debt significantly. 
– Increase my contributions. 
– Give more, and regularly. 
– Spend more thoughtfully/justifiably. 
– Plan with, dream with, talk with, pray with Chw- weekly. 
– Retreat, for a weekend, over both anniversaries. (April and November) 
– Conscience, constant efforts to respect him. 
As a Mother
– laugh with. 
– pray for.
– once again, educate.
– make effort to bridge the distance gaps. 
– make the in-present moments matter. 
As for hopes, I really hope that 2012 holds- 
– a book deal, (of course)!
– a vacation. 
– time with all three of my kids, together, in one location. 
– 365 days of everyone in my family remaining safe in body, heart and mind.
– less hardship and struggles than the last 3 years have held, for our family and extended family.
Do you have goals, hopes and plans for the new year? 
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6 thoughts on “Why hello, twenty-twelve…

  1. Jenni, I think that's a GREAT theme… that was my intentional theme of 2007 and then we had a sudden cause to move across the country. Funny when life is poetic like that!

  2. I love your goals and how you purpose to accomplish them. I don't do well with written down goals but here are some I am currently working on: me- use my giftings for Him more intentionally and more time in prayer/reading His word ; hubby- spend more quality time together ; kids – be more "present" with them one on one and teaching them more

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