a touch of Christmas sadness…

i’m watching the Bishop’s Wife while catching up on some things computer related… Is it wrong that I want Cary Grant to win and I think her husband is a putz? Probably… Oh well. I don’t care. Cary Grant will ALWAYS win, in my book… 
Have I ever told you that for my golden birthday (28th) my husband threw me a 1950’s style Cary Grant dinner party? It was AMAZING! Truly incredible… One of the best nights of my life, for sure… 
My husband… He is quite the man. As sick as I have been, in the past 5 months, he really has been amazing to pick up the slack with pretty much NO HELP. He works tirelessly for a company that claims to notice, but doesn’t seem to. He gives and gives and gives and truly remains the nicest and most giving guy. 
My point is pretty much that my husband is my Christmas wish. That something good happens for him. Something really, really good. He deserves it. the last 4 years have been SO HARD on him and I see how much they’ve taken their toll on him. These days he is tired and my heart just breaks for him. It feels like nothing happens easily for him (especially where work is concerned- and as far as work goes- he’s been moved into the position of work consuming 95% of his energy/time) and I see him getting more and more ready to just give up a bit. I hate the thought of him being in the position…
in a lot of ways the Bishop’s Wife is making me think of that. Unlike her putz of a husband though, Chw is my leading man. Even if the angel of Cary Grant rang my door bell tomorrow- Chw is the one for me. I would express my heart for my husband though, and continue wishing that the corner to turn, is in site soon… 
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5 thoughts on “a touch of Christmas sadness…

  1. Gorgeous post and I can totally relate. I too have an amazing husband, who works his butt off for our family and again really doesn't get any recognition! We are very lucky girls xxxxx

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