by the chimney with care…

So yeah, that’s a lie. 
No chimney. 
No fireplace at all, actually, much to my serious dismay… 
We had an amazing stone fireplace/mantel when we lived in New York and then again, a beautiful marble fireplace and wooden mantel when we lived in Michigan. 
Here in Idaho- we get zilch along the “stockings to hang” scheme of things… 
Anyway, I don’t spend a lot of money on Christmas decor. I find a piece that I really love and I’ll add it to our “collection” (which is small.) This ICE (glass) valance and the advent calendar are my two FAVORITE things… {i love that star too. I do have a bitter one that hangs on the wall at Christmas time as well.} 

And, not that I’m bitter or anything, but those of us who are mantel-less have to be creative and just pretend anyway… 

And, even though the Army has him stuck in Germany, Lucas’ stocking is hung by the- er, classic literature with care… 
And lastly, more ever green garland, (which smells AMAZING, since we do an artificial tree) and snow flakes over our dining table… 

Post note… i love dangling, glittery snow flakes. Just thought you should know that. :) 
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3 thoughts on “by the chimney with care…

  1. At the apartment we lived in before buying our house (13 years ago this month, wow…) there was a fireplace (albeit a non-working fireplace) complete with mantel. Every year, as the holidays approach, I miss that apartment!

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