Have a Little Faith…

Our family had the privilege of screening the newest Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, based on Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith. We nestled down with our blankets and our Poppycock, ready to see something heartwarming and family friendly… 
When Albom’s 82 year old former rabbi approaches him, at a book signing, and asks him to write and deliver his eulogy- Mitch’s life begins to change in insurmountable ways. Having drifted from his Jewish religion, Mitch feels overwhelmed and inadequate for such a task. Still though, in searching for why the rabbi would ask him in the first place- Mitch begins to spend time probing and getting to know the man behind the rabbi he revered and feared as boy. The more their relationship grows and old man speaks of life and love and doing things for others- the more Mitch himself begins to see that a change is necessary in him. As a sports writer for the Detroit Free Press, where sports had replaced his childhood instilled need for religion, Mitch begins to see that maybe there is a hole in his life that hasn’t been filled. Enter God… 
Parallel to Mitch’s building relationship with his rabbi, there is the history of Henry Covington. As a boy in the projects of Brooklyn, Henry was taught to love Jesus as well as the fine art of hustling. Growing up poor and being broken more and more by the hardness of life- Henry’s path led him down a rough road. Eventually his choices got the better of him and one night he finally saw his life for the hopeless mess he’d made it. Completely broken and empty and on the verge of death- Henry finally prayed for his life to be spared. Enter God…
Weaving back and forth between Henry’s past and Mitch’s present, the film shows us two completely different lives. Race. Religion. Backgrounds. Everything… And yet, the two of them come together despite all odds, and amazing friendship -which affects the lives of countless people- is born. 
In a poignant way, Have a Little Faith teaches us the importance of breaking down stereotype barriers and loving people- no matter what. Despite the details of the two faiths this film chronicles, it isn’t a movie about religion at all. It is a film about faith in ourselves and others, a story about friendship and love… It is a true story to encourage us that it’s never too hopeless, or too late, to get up and fix our lives. It is a beautiful story full of hope and encouragement. I can’t encourage you enough to watch it when it airs on ABC, on Sunday the 27th.

In correlation with the film airing this Sunday, I have been given the opportunity to host a giveaway for Mitch’s book Have a Little Faith. To enter, simply leave a comment… 

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14 thoughts on “Have a Little Faith…

  1. I so hope this film makes it onto our tv screens too…..I'm commenting to enter the giveaway too, but know it's probably too expensive to ship to me if I win xx

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