While browsing do you ever just stumble across something that absolutely changes or challenges the way you currently do things? I am a big meal planner. I’ve talked about that before. I love the process of it, love the recipe searches, etc. 
What I haven’t really talked about though, is life. How life kind of complicates meal planning sometimes. How unexpected plans result in take out, or a migraine of mine inspires my husband to make something completely different and simple- and honestly after a day full of working I don’t blame him. What happens though, is that things inevitably waste. 
It’s sad. 
It isn’t prudent. It certainly is not practical… 
And then, one afternoon last week I came across this post in my reader. It’s amazing… 
Call me naive but I feel like this is the post that could change the entire way that my days function. The amount of time it frees up almost gave me chills. 
Yes, I am dead serious… 
After Thanksgiving- (because I am the girl who needs time to change- time to adapt to such things… And because I ordered the book and I need it to arrive) or maybe before, if the copy i requested through the Library comes in… 
I am excited though, because it is flexible… 
It will waste less. 
It sounds like the perfect compromise between cooking, and not… 
It sounds simple.
God knows my life needs a lot more simple… 
What are your thoughts on the plan? 
If you were to adapt a similar domestic strategy, what staple items would you always have on hand, in the freezer/pantry? 
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  1. Okay… I'm in love. That grocery shopping online thing… yeah… I should do that. I've talked about it with my dad (who can't leave my mom at home alone because of her health conditions), but honestly, I never thought about it for myself. Not sure why. I wonder if they take coupons that way, though. hmmm…

  2. despite the fact that we live in a MAJOR metropolitan area, the idea of online grocery shopping has never occurred to me before. we really are only two people and there's a store a 2 minute walk away. which i think is why i'm going to do it from now on. we're ONLY TWO PEOPLE and if we need something last minute, there's a store a two minute walk away.also, i'm in love with the bread idea. thank you so much for this!

  3. She has great ideas. My staples in the house are eggs, butter, sugar, flour, yeast, rice, cheese, milk, potatoes, chicken, beef, onions, red bell peppers, sour cream, rotel, tortillias, pasta,tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, cream of mushroom/chicken soup and spices. You'd be surprised what I can whip up when there's nothing to eat. We use leftovers to pack in lunches. I already make bread. My people are so spoiled! But you already know that. ;-)

  4. We don't get to follow meal rules as my hubby works at least 2 late nights a week and with young kids, simple stuff – like Mac and cheese with some steamed veggies – is what we do those nights. I also make pizza almost every week. We try and do meat every other night that mike is home. I always have ground beef or some other meet, cheese, fruit, veggies, yogurt, pasta, bread, eggs, flour, and so many other things. We like to do breakfast for dinner a lot too. I wouldn't order food online cause it'sore of a hastle for me, believe it or not. Rita t

  5. Rita, i totally am with you on that. I would never grocery shop online. Not only do I enjoy the process but I need to see what I'm getting. We do a lot of fresh items and I don't want anyones hands choosing them but mine.

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