Can I get a side of vampy cheesiness…

We get to the theater last night, many hours too early, to find that there is already a fairly significant line for Breaking Dawn. We always buy the midnight tickets and we always forget what a hassle the line part is, on both the body and the nerves, until we get in the position to once again stand in it. 
In less than three minutes we are moderately annoyed by the bizzaro middle school behavior emerging from adults, so when an usher steps to the front of the line and announces that if you purchase tickets to ANY movie, they’ll let you keep your seats- we purchased tickets to the next showing. 
Incidentally that was Paranormal Activity 3. SQUEE… I was a big chicken as Chw and i made up the entire audience of that showing. At any rate- I survived and had an ultra comfy reclining seat to show for it. IN FACT, we were scheduled to see BD with friends and when they arrived the manager USHERED them past the line, and into our theater. How cool is that? Like they were celebrities- all because we bought tickets to a movie. 
Definitely recommend doing that the next time. 
In other news, unfortunately PA3 was the first movie we paid full price for tickets to, in probably 3 years. Ouch… 
As for Breaking Dawn, My official assessment would be that- 
-the music is awkward more often than not THOUGH I loved the wedding music. It was a mostly instrumental compilation of music from the other 3 films- which i adored. It is the little details that count, you know… 
– the first 20ish minutes are ULTRA cheesy, to the nauseating degree. 
– the rest of the movie is actually really fantastic. 
– yes, i hated to the book and enjoyed the movie- odd… 
– they did an amazing job with Kstew… 
– Kstew outdid herself and did a great job too. (shock, shock) 
– TL should have kept the facial hair. 
– I more than enjoyed it, i loved it. Can’t wait for part 2. 
– The end… 
So, have you seen it? 
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9 thoughts on “Can I get a side of vampy cheesiness…

  1. Cannot wait to see it, in fact we are going to see it in Paris…. I know, a long way to go to see a movie but it is the time I am with my sister and we have to see it together xxxxx

  2. I think that's awesome! What a cool place to see it. I always take my sister too, but usually it's about a week later, after the crowds die down. She prefers it that way.

  3. No, haven't seen it, probably never will. I'm in the minority who found the books dreadfully predictable and just a tad boring… I didn't hate them, even enjoyed them somewhat, but really didn't get the hype. At all.I did, however, adore The Hunger Games and though I will never buy a midnight ticket or whatever it is you do to see the film immediately, I will be tickled pink when I can redbox it from the comfort of my home!P.S. I'm not a Twilight hater. Just not a luvah.

  4. Melyssa, I really did enjoy the books- but in a mind numbing escape way. At least the first 3. hated the 4th. I haven't really liked the movies though… At all really. :) And truth be told, it's my hubby who pushes for the midnight thing. I'd be content to wait for my sister.

  5. I'm with you–hated the book, but totally loved the movie! I guess maybe it is the fact that I went into it with lower expectations than the other three and maybe I'm finally beginning to accept KStew as Bella. (I can't believe how skinny she got for the pregnancy scenes or do you think that was a stand in?) I loved so much about the movie though. It was totally cheesy in parts (omg-the wolf mind reading scenes), but I've finally learned to just give into the cheese and enjoy it. I feel like they finally got their groove and it all came together perfectly. So excited for part 2!

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