The ordinary…

It is in the exchange of simple, kisses in passing or grazing fingertips through doorways. 
Stretched out foot, in bed, reaching for his. Reassuringly it reaches back, touching. 
Cheek peck kisses, zipped up jacket and lunchbox in tow. 
I love my ordinary. My loud morning following by dirty breakfast dishes and silence. 
It is in those dishes that I know my home has family in it. Love in it. Warmth. 
In the morning’s oatmeal, more than fiber and belly warming happened. 
Cozy towels still evident with lingering dryer heat. 
Soft socks. 
DVD rentals and take out. To droves of hipsters and cynics this life is known as the boring life, the over life- The end. 
To me it is simply the ordinary. The goodness. The toothbrush, complete with toothpaste waiting for me because he brushed his teeth first. The coffee pot, full with steamy goodness waiting because one of us turned it on. 
The ordinary. My ordinary…
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7 thoughts on “The ordinary…

  1. Enjoy the ordinary now while you can. After the family have grown and moved away those ordinary things will become the extraordinary in your memories.

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