At least there’s that…

As you have likely heard me whine about how sick I’ve been, since August, i thought about doing a numbers post today. You know, how many boxes of tissues I’ve gone through- how many dollars my medical visits/hospital trips add up to, etc… Funny? Possibly. 
But I just don’t feel funny this morning. 
First thing, this morning, on FB I was reminded that my friend’s mom is going in for a mastectomy this afternoon. Even though I went to bed knowing all of the same things that I woke up knowing, it occurred to me that life has been really heavy lately. 
No, not tissue consumption, dragging illness heavy- but much bigger. 
In the past few weeks alone I know of several people who unexpectedly died. 
I know of three (THREE) teenagers who were killed in car accidents.
Two friends suffered miscarriages. 
My friend’s little sister suffered a stroke due to AVM and has been downgraded (Praise God!) from critical condition to serious, though at first she wasn’t expected to make it at all. 
So many heavy things… 
Sure, maybe i was really miserable with my viral infection but really it pales significantly in comparison. 
i have been reminded, a lot lately, of the lack of guarantees in our days. Though I dream (and pray for) of growing old with my husband- there is no promise that I will. As countless people around me have lost, or are facing the real possibility of losing loved ones i feel slapped in the face by my own possibilities… 
While we suffered many miscarriages and my mom’s stroke (from a distance) we have been really fortunate to not go through anything like the loss of a child/spouse. 
i know this is kinda heavy, and I’m sorry. Especially since my last post was a whine about Gen’s behavior. I guess I just need to reiterate for myself, as well as anyone else who might need reminding, that the two things are always certain: 
the sun will always rise, (a fresh start/peace will come.) 
the sun will always set, ( the hard days will come to a close.) 
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6 thoughts on “At least there’s that…

  1. Hey, if you can't be heavy on your blog where can you be. Sounds like you have been going through a really rough time at the minute but I did really like your 2 certainties at the endLove,Vixx

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