Maybe not forever, but even so…

I decided to take part in Five Minute Friday this morning. The theme is on Friends.

Every summer camp camp fire ended in the same sweet and lulling song, Friends are friends forever… 
But they aren’t. 
Despite the pledges and lifelong plans made at the age of sixteen. 
Despite the thousands of notes signed BFF. 
Despite the shared heart necklaces. 
And it’s a little sad. 
It is sad, to me, that something as natural as friendship- something we NEED even- has to be so hard. And as we get older, things don’t seem to get any easier. 
Few of us have good, true friends. Those of us who do could literally count those friends on one hand. 
I am fortunate enough to be one of those people. Someone with a handful of good friends. Ironically they aren’t really friends with each other. We don’t travel together, in a pack. There are no weekend retreats, the lot of us. We, the handful of us, are spread out across the country. 
Sometimes I want to feel sorry for myself about this. 
Sometimes I actually do. 
But the truth is, I am so lucky to have them. 
My life is better and far more meaningful. My sadnesses are far less dark and ugly. 
And I suspect that i too am better because of them. 
Friends may not be friends forever. Some friendships may time out or expire but it’s the having the true, authentic love of a good friend at all that matters anyhow.
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4 thoughts on “Maybe not forever, but even so…

  1. Some are not always forever and some are. But as you say what matter is the time spent together and the friendship shared.Maybe one day an occasion will unite all your friends together, they might become friends but all you have now is that you love them and they love you. Nice post – have a great week-end!

  2. You took the words out of my mouth. It's true that some people write BFF but they don't mean it. But at least spending time with others is better than being a lone. Nice post indeed. Loved it very much.

  3. I feel fortunate to have a best friend from growing up and a best friend who I met at this motherhood portion of my life — another mom, another stay at home mom, well, she's a soul mate in a way. I literally have two friends I trust my life, secrets, children, dreams and heart with. I cherish these friendships with everything I have.

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