You should totally see her, she’s a doll…

No wonder I always fail themed blog months. Apparently I have a very short attention span… While it’s been a cathartic journey/experience- I need a break. 
anyway, I had to interrupt the letters to let you know a few things… 
Like the fact that I am still sick. It is ridiculous, actually. Like, REALLY ridiculous. I am feeling better, (as of yesterday) which helps. Especially since I managed to find enough energy to go to the orchard and purchase a load of canning tomatoes, apples and peaches. My problem has been that every night when I would sip my codeine laced cough syrup- i would tell myself that tomorrow would be the day when i was better. 
I have been sick for 15 days, ya’ll. Really, really sick. 
anyway, facing the overwhelming reality of piles of produce- i had no choice. 
So, I dried apples, (seemed easier), canned tomatoes and canned peaches and peach butter… 
I feel accomplished. 
and exhausted. 
But I digress… 
We got a dog. that’s really the most important thing. A puppy, actually. A real, life, puppy. It’s only been three weeks since we had to put Makaila down, and while we miss her and were certain we’d have months in between her passing and a puppy commitment- things changed. 
Mostly Paisley. Every day, since Makaila has been gone, she’s grown more and more depressed. Nothing we could do would shake her funk. Then, we stumbled upon someone needing to get rid of puppies and they were a breed we could handle. All in all, the timing and everything aligned so we took the plunge. 
Or rather, Chw did. 
Makaila was his dog, and he made it clear a puppy was a FAR OFF possibility- if a possibility at all. 
But he met and fell head over heals in love with Emma. 
He adores her. 
And that makes me happy… 
We all love her, the little stinker- except Paisley. Go figure. It’s actually pretty annoying. 
Without further ado- meet Emma… 
{yes, she dumps her food out and carries the dish… stinker. And look at her sweet pink dotted nose. LOVE}
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