Dear Maggie, 
Oh this letter is all a swirl of things to say… It’s funny because I write to you all of the time, this should not be any different right? Well, except for the fact that it will be shared with the entire internet… 
When I took on this 30 days of letters challenge, I had no idea whom I would fill said 30 days with. None. When it came to today’s “internet friend” category, I was even more lost. Though I know it’s completely acceptable these days to go around making friends online- i don’t do it. I don’t really connect with others in forums or anything like that. Honestly, I wouldn’t even typically lump you under the internet friend umbrella. You are simply my friend Maggie. My husband and kids know you as my friend Maggie. Friendship really should be that simple. But, for arguments sake, I guess you are technically my internet friend. 99% of our friendship is woven over the internet. Plus, bonus: I get to write to/about you on my blog and let the whole world know how amazing you are. 
Because, you are pretty fantastically amazing, Maggie… 
How we even became friends, I don’t remember. Something to do with Myspace and writing…???… 
Anyway, whatever those details were- I am so incredibly grateful. 
I can not even tell you how many times your name has been scripted in my gratitude journal. I can’t. I can tell you though, that it’s a bunch. 
I love you, my friend. It has been such an honor to grow to call you my friend. Not my internet friend, but my actual friend… You have been such an honest support to me and words could NEVER convey what that has meant to me. We have shared sadness and frustrations and fears in a way that many couldn’t understand… and then on the brink of all of that- your amazingly beautiful little Evie came to be… And everything about her (and you, of course) just spews hope in my world. 
Not hope for the same things, (that would be impossible!) or baby things even- but simply hope for good things. Goodness. Your story- Evie’s story- is goodness… Goodness and beauty and light and love all bundled up in your gorgeous little girl. 
Thanks for sharing your journey with me. Thanks for sharing your life and your honesty with this girl who is just another girl on the internet. 
i love you,
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