Slow Love…

  The current BlogHer Book Club selection is a memoir by Dominique Browning entitled Slow Love. As the economy crumbled more and more, Dominique writes of her journey from the editor in chief of now dead House & Garden magazine to finding a way to embrace and enjoy the moments of her life…

  I love relatable memoirs. I love a beautifully penned glimpse into another person’s hurts and triumphs. As great as a good novel can be, knowing that there is something real resting between the lines of a memoir is comforting. Even though I have never been part of a greedy, backstabbing corporate world, as Dominique has, I felt as though it didn’t matter. So much of the way she reminisced about lovers, and the youth of her boys reached me. In the ways that she struggled with, at first simply getting out of bed and later getting through a day, I saw myself there in her words. In the way that most of us women struggle with change, she is a voice that some of us long to listen to.

  Dominique has a lovely way with words, weaving them authentically and still somehow poetic. Slow Love goes beyond what other memoirs, such as Eat Pray Love, try to do because she arrives to her realizations and life’s wisdom without lavish trips or unattainable measure.

  Slow Love reads like a cup of tea with an old friend, and yet it packs a convicting soul punch as well. 

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2 thoughts on “Slow Love…

  1. I have to read this book. I love the cover, I saw it on BH. It sounds so good and when you were telling me about the muffin chapter, i felt like you were talking about me. (which, I know, is why you told me)

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