Genny’s attempt to repair the economy with her isms, while plundering us into debt…

Towards the end of last week, Gen went to a party where Gen proceeded to break her hand.
Ok. It’s not exactly broken, but it is fractured…
We didn’t know that however. Everyone seemed to be calling it a severe sprain, so we sent her on her merry little way to a Girl Scout retreat, where she (against everyone’s orders) proceeded to be a total kid with her hand and use it anyway. (Of all the nerve!)
So, back to the ER yesterday, for more X-rays resulted in them sending her home with an even-more-severe sprain diagnosis.
Then they called later with the news… And a good Orthapedist referral.

And it all kinda sucks because, well, she’s in a lot of pain and her hand is pretty ugly and purple and puffy… And, it also kinda (a lot) sucks because we have the worlds crappiest insurance. It covers nothing. At all. In fact, why we pay for it monthly is beyond me. So yeah…
Not that my twelve year old really comprehends the amount of new debt she has incurred. I mean, when she hurt her hand- she laughed it off and then KEPT going on the slip and slide. FOR HOURS. Everyone believed she was fine, so no one felt the need to call me. After hours of slipping and sliding, she then decided how awesome it would be to play tether ball.
They are pretty sure she escalated her injuries substantially by not discontinuing her jolly-good-time.

And as frustrated as we are about this, we are so grateful she’s ok. I mean, with her level of play and refusal to heed common sense, her body’s communication of severe pain or our (and the doctor’s) good advice- she could have ripped an arm off if no one had intervened and that would have sucked a lot worse than several thousands of dollars in medical bills…

Which segways me into a little something we like to call gennyisms…

Because her favorite saying, which applies to this ENTIRE severely overpriced weekend applies, is:

Later doesn’t matter. I’m having fun now so leave me alone. hmmm.

Some sweeter, but WAY OVERUSED ones are:

Awe! She is super cute. {Insert having just seen a dog, cat, animal of almost any kind, elderly woman, baby, toddler or little girl. If you can imagine how often we come across one of the above- either in real life, on the internet, or television- every day- than you can imagine HALF of how much she says this. Plus, we have 2 dogs and I swear even they get sick of hearing how cute they are.}

OHHH! He is super cute. {See above explanation substituting he for she.}

I feel so bad for him/her… {while watching a movie, tv show or reality tv competition such as SYTYCD. Last week during one two hour episode, we counted. She said this FORTY SEVEN times.}

But they are a person. {This follows hysterical sobbing, while watching movies where an animal is hurt or sad. Usually there is a human character who has been also injured or sad and we always ask her- because it’s fun- why she never gets sad about the person while becoming nearly suicidal over the animal…}

*GASP* I did not do that/eat that! You can call daddy and ask him, he’ll prove it. {of which, of course, he never proves and she is 99% of the time guilty. still I hear this daily.}

I’m going to go get into my bajamas. {yes, she’s 12.}

Can I get a very small drink? (at bedtime.)

Can I get just a little bit more? (seconds at dinner.)

Can I watch just for a tiny few more minutes? (a movie, past bedtime.)

The girl LOVES her adjectives…

She also says the word Actually, a ridiculous amount…

And, though there are millions more, I’ll close with these:

This my favorite movie! Well, maybe my third favorite. {and she will proceed to name thirty other movies, in order… and when we mention a movie she forgot, she will get flustered and start over. This is a 30 minute luxury that follows nearly EVERY movie she watches.}

Weekly conversation:
G- I think we should eat at McDonalds (which we don’t).
me- why?
G- because it helps the economy and creates jobs.

No. i’m not kidding…

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7 thoughts on “Genny’s attempt to repair the economy with her isms, while plundering us into debt…

  1. Funny stuff, mama!I DESPISE MED INSURANCE WITH THE BURNING FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS. Seriously. Legalized extortion. I hate every company out there. I know, I seem violent.I don't want to watch SYTYCD with Genny. Sorry. I would probably have to duct tape her lips or something. But her pain threshold is something to be commended!Lyssa.

  2. Lyssa, I don't want to watch it with her either. Now that we are at the top 20 though, it should be smooth sailing. It was the rough moments of auditions and Vegas week she felt compassion over. Can you imagine if DOGS were allowed? Oye… We'd clamp her tongue. Which OBVIOUSLY wouldn't hurt…

  3. We actually missed the whole Vegas week on SYTYCD and not only was I P.O.ed, but my darling spouse was so upset! It was adorable. I finally made a dancer out of him.Umm, yes, this post was not about SYTYCD…sorry.

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