Closetted Confessions…

Since Gen was at a Girl Scout retreat having fun over the weekend, Chw and I took the opportunity to get some much needed things taken care of. One being our master closet. Before it was just a little space used impractically. Our clothes were crapped together on one long rod and his shabby thrifted dresser (poor guy) was crammed at the back beside the shelves. The problem is, along with holding our clothes this is also the present hiding space, the “stuff taken away” holding space, the music instrument storage space, the pretend wii musical instrument storage space, the sheets and blankets space, the photography equipment storage space and probably something else I’ve failed to mention… 
In the mornings when Chw quietly gets ready for work, he had to dig through his dresser, crammed at the back of the closet. His hanging clothes were behind it, squished on the rod along with all of mine. To simply locate a pair of work jeans it was like a quest for Narnia for him- and really, who wants to start off every morning like that? 
SO, we moved his ugly dresser to the front of the closet and set up a rod for his clothes opposite mine. Now, his clothes are at the front of the closet and are super easy to get to. As we were working on it, I joked with my dear husband about blogging it and titling it “My husband is finally closer to coming out of the closet.” In all fairness, he was the first one to say “Look! I am working my way to coming out of the closet.” 
He’s so funny… 
But, as funny as he is, I’m not sure his laugh would have been entirely authentic had I actually titled the post that… 
hmm… Anyway, short of having a few divinely adorable baskets and canvas totes to hold things over the few ugly cardboard boxes I have things stored in- I’m really happy with it. There is more of a flow, which is a good thing for both of us… 
Plus! Added bonus: every time we go out he wears the same shirts because he can’t find most of his clothes… NO MORE! 
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