The infamous pediatric visit…

I love our pediatrician… I really do. She’s got such a great personality and is just fantastic. Sometimes I wonder what she’s like outside of all of the proper protacall
Like when she asks my CHILD if she would like me to stay, or leave the room while she asks her some personal questions.
Or like when she asks Gen if she likes girls or boys. 
While I understand the need for the questions, she asks these EVERY year for Gen’s check up. Pretty much since she was 8. And while I appreciate that, at 12, she’s getting to the age where she is thinking about romantic things- at 8 she really wasn’t… 
Anyway, I’ve talked to a lot of moms and i get that this is just the way it’s done these days. Whatever. Gen affirmed that she likes boys, while bouncing up and down and blushing. She said “ewww, gross” when asked if she liked girls, which made the doctor laugh. 
And then, then the other questions set in…
What to you eat for breakfast? I don’t know. Cereal. {the kid is lucky if she gets cereal once every two weeks, I am opposed to it!}
What do you eat for lunch? We mostly eat soup. {We had soup yesterday, because Amanda had soup. We hadn’t had it in months.}
What do you eat for dinner? Um, I can’t remember eating dinner. {Nice. hello. We don’t believe in dinner… what the heck?!?!?}
Do you wear sunscreen? No! {I ALWAYS put sunscreen on her, but a week ago she went out with her dad and got burned a little on her arms… apparently that is an emphatic “NO!” to sunscreen.} 
And then, because she isn’t really keen on homeschool families she asked the biggest question of all: 
Do you have any friends? To which my daughter looked at her, all puzzled and replied “What do you mean?” And when the doctor, looking quite alarmed, said “Friends your own age that you play or hang out with.” She actually replied “Oh. No.” 
WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? I think she was just confused by the interview in general- which doesn’t look well on my home educating skills…
No wonder I came home and needed a nap! 
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3 thoughts on “The infamous pediatric visit…

  1. groan… I hate those situations. Do they really think that kids answer those questions accurately?One time I took Eve to the doctor and she asked about breakfast. We had pop tarts that day. That ONE day. I never let my child eat pop tarts, but we got them AS A TREAT!!!! for a long car ride, and there was a package left, so I let Eve eat them for breakfast. Hello! It was a once every 5 years occurrence, but I heard about it for the rest of the visit how important healthy breakfasts are. No wonder I get nervous about doctor visits. (oh, and on top of it all, we don't vaccinate… so, yeah… there's always that, too.)

  2. oh my! did you interject correct answers to all those questions or did the dr know she wasn't telling the truth?oh, and the boy/girl question….i'd slap that dr silly!!!rita t.

  3. awwwwesome. but don't worry. the pediatrician used to try to ask me if my parents were abusive, because i was always covered in bruises. they barely believed me when i pointed out that since i was a 5'5" tall 10 year old, i was just really awkward and klutzy. doctors might think they know everything, but they are sadly, sadly misguided most of the time. IMHO.

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