Twenty-One {a love letter}…

Dearest Amanda, 

Today is your twenty first birthday… A milestone {when you are 21} for things like a grown up ID, bars, clubs, partying, and all around different things than it will when you are looking back on it one day… Like when you are 31… 
On this day I bequeath to you a list of twenty one amazingly fantastic things that I love and admire about YOU!

  1. You know exactly what you want. When you get it into your head, you work super hard to get there.
  2. You have passion. 
  3. You live. You do not sit around waiting for something in your life to happen. 
  4. You don’t pretend to be something you aren’t. Because of this, it has occasionally cost you certain things or relationships… BUT– 
  5. You acknowledge that, though it may be a sad loss- you are mature enough to realize that it is their loss and you are better off without them. 
  6. You have an amazing heart and when you truly love someone, you do so with a love so huge and selfless…
  7. You embrace laughter. You laugh with your entire soul, and you do it often. 
  8. You take care of your car. Maybe you’re later than you feel like you should be, when it comes to some maintenance things- but you still do them. 
  9. Your shoes… Specifically heels and boots. Wow. I love my feet too much to ever try such footwear, therefore I can live vicariously through your boldness! 
  10. Even when you may hate your job, you stick it out. Even when you are treated like crap, or underpaid- you go to work everyday and you do your job to the best of your ability. 
  11. You are grateful. Not many people, your age, really “get” gratitude. Usually in it’s place is entitlement.
  12. You eat peanut butter on your pancakes. I mean, come on… how is that not the BEST way to eat pancakes??? some people just don’t get it.
  13. You are generous. Easily one of the MOST generous people I know…
  14. You are an amazing big sister… To Gen. To N & T/J…
  15. You are authentic. There are moments when you obviously feel like being 30, and you act it- while their are moments when you feel like being 10 and you embrace it with all that you are. 
  16. You aren’t afraid to try new things. Which goes along with- 
  17. You have a tremendous spirit for adventure and travel. I hope you hold on to things, (and your drive to accomplish them) because this can fade in time and I’m prepared to nag you forever- so that it doesn’t… 
  18. You listen to people, and accept others, when they need a non-judgmental ear.
  19. Your love of kids. It doesn’t even matter whose kids- you are just naturally gifted with them and love it… 
  20. You are a true overcomer. In every way you adapt, taking the good and moving on. I am so proud of you for this!
  21. I love that you love and accept me. I’m grateful. I’m flawed and don’t deserve to be your mom- but that doesn’t matter to you. 
I hope that it’s a beautiful day, and know that I am celebrating you- even in the moments today when you aren’t with me. I love you!

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