How much is that doggie tied up outside the window…

Dear Jack {aka: the guy who tied is Lab up outside the coffee shop down town on Saturday morning.}, 
While your name likely isn’t Jack, after much thought I concluded it to be the nicest thing I could address you as- all things considered. It, of course, is also no secret that your middle name begins with an A… 
But I’m veering off course from my post… 
It was lovely chatting with you, in the freezing rain, on Saturday. Your completely idiotic and narrow-minded response input to my concerns about your dogs morning has managed to stick with me for the course of the weekend. While I initially stormed into said coffee shop in search of your poor dog’s completely selfish and neglectful owner, in hindsight I wish I had just had a chance to dial the humane society before you emerged… It truly was a sad moment when your beautiful (and freezing/soaked to the bone) dog left with you. 
Being that I majored in Psychology, I’ve given much baffling analization to your ignorance choices and have come to the conclusion that obvious self consuming blindness aside- your main issue is the doubly ignorant shrew your mother, who was with you that snow flurrying morning… Though she is obviously defensive of her son, (I’d like to point out here that your father walked away from the situation entirely… Interesting.) as that beautiful Lab’s “best friend” you should be the one who knows better… When your pet is violently shivering, yelping(a sound derivative of pain, not playfulness, you idiot) so desperately loud that people from blocks away can hear him, and has such a small amount of slack in his tie out that he can not even lay down or turn his head- how can you SIT in a heated coffee house and chat with your parents for an undetermined amount of time? What kind of pet owner are you? Why do you even have a dog?
There is NO WAY you did not hear him, instead you chose to ignore him…
There is also no way you couldn’t see him epileptically shaking as he desperately called for help, since the entire front of the coffee shop is glass and you were kind enough to tie him right in front in case he felt the need to torture himself by gazing inside to see you happily sipping a warm beverage and laughing with your family… 
Much guilt and worry thought about your dog has led me to find a more suitable pet for your selfish, abusive and ignorant lifestyle… 
Do us all a favor and find someone who gives a crap about your dog and focus your efforts on something whose life isn’t dependent on your effort… 
Kernal of Wisdom: Not an animal lover??? Don’t have a pet… 
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image courtesy of  John of Witney

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  1. Wow. Reminds me of someone in our neighborhood who rides a bike, while his little short-legged dog (on a leash)tries to keep up. Next time I see it, I am going to call the authorities!

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