Dear Diary…

This week I have spent far more time in the kitchen then usual. Part of this is that we are needing to do school in here, for now, so it’s been easier to do kitchen type things… 
But- I confess mostly it’s to stay busy. I’ve baked, I’ve created, I’ve scrubbed and deep cleaned… I’ve organized. While my husband is cheering me on while happily filling his belly, my kitchen is likely wondering what has gotten into me… 
I miss Lucas. It’s not even like I’m used to seeing him all of the time- but still having him state side meant he was “reachable”… Now that he’s gone all international- Army style- well, he feels so unreachable
I also, in the spirit of full disclosure, have to admit that this is pretty much a personal issue- in my head- because we’ve been skyping, talking on the phone and emailing. I’ve been able to hear his voice pretty much every day. I’m just super sensitive. 
On that note- I’m really working on not worrying. It feels like a good plan. Often times I day dream about what such a peaceful life would be. at any rate, it’s a goal. 
My favorite moments of this week were family photos because i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when my kids are with me…{ I used to think my love language was gifts, but now I’m thinking it’s quality time…}
Saddest moment was, of course, taking Lucas to the airport… kinda hated that moment.
Over all it was a pretty ho-hum week. I am really looking forward to:
–  a date, tomorrow, with my husband. CAN NOT WAIT! I feel like our “quality alone” time has depleted to almost nothing. 
– getting a massage. 
– book club.
– Sunshine… (i have faith!) 
What were your best moments, this week? What are you looking forward to?
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5 thoughts on “Dear Diary…

  1. The worry and anxiety you are going through is pretty normal ya know, but I am sorry you're having to go through it. Hang in there, it sounds like busy work is good medicine. I'm looking forward to a surprise this weekend. Shhh! Oh, and today – no school. Yay!

  2. It's so great that you're able to hear your son's voice. Modern communication is so wonderful. My favorite memories this week: celebrating my FIL's 89th birthday, dinner last night with my son and hubby.I'm looking forward to our first (stock car) race of the season tomorrow night. Hope some of hubby's engines win!

  3. Even though you're staying in touch, it still so different when someone is far, far away. I'm so sorry it's been a rough adjustment, but at least you're staying busy and productive? Hope your weekend is full of fun, wonderful experiences!

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