Doing the Friday dance…

i haven’t been able to find a good chunk of time to work on the manuscript, in weeks, and I’m pretty sick over this… Just yesterday a girlfriend, at lunch, was reassuring me that I’ll always have my writing (or something like that, i forget) and I just cringed… Anyway, while my book sits collecting metaphorical hard drive dust, at least I’ve got blog posts, right? The one, from this week, that I am most proud of would be the one about my foster mom Julie. I have a photo of her, holding my adorably chubby Genny, sitting beside my bed. It has caught my eye every morning this week…


Moving on…

Best thing i stumbled across, on the web, was this post, which is absolutely WORTH the click… IT IS Great. Moving. Identifiable… 

All week I’ve had things on my mind… The two most pressing were the situation in Japan, which is just so heartbreaking… And Lucas, who turned 22 on Sunday. We miss him so much and, of course, would rather he been home. Even so, we are so proud of him for his selflessness and willingness to serve our country. Plus he has kidney damage, which sucks…

Top five moments were:
1} uncomfortable but vital heart to heart discussions.
2} dinner and hanging out with those friends that are your forever friends.
3} going to a crazy, but fantastic interior design sale followed by an incredible bakery lunch, with a friend.
4} refinishing/recovering chairs with my husband.
5} finally finding a vegetarian cookbook that i love. 

This week I’ve really been loving Satellite, by Guster. {If you aren’t familiar, I encourage a listen. SUCH a great track!} 
Best recipe was definitely this Burrito Casserole… We had friends over and even though loved it. 
For school we studied the judicial system, state government and did an indepth study of the Salem Witch Trials.

I’m reading All Is Vanity… I stumbled upon it, at the library, and was thrilled. Drowning Ruth is one of my favorite books. I am really excited to read it.

Next week I’m looking forward to birthdays. Spring break, swimming, birthday parties, friends, gift wrap, cake… What’s not to look forward to? 

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4 thoughts on “Doing the Friday dance…

  1. Sounds like this week brought you a wide range of experiences and learning moments. The burrito casserole sounds amazing. I haven't done any creative writing in weeks and I cringe every time I think about that. Ugh, sure there's always writing, but if there's always writing to feel guilty about is that a good thing? Hmmm. Happy Friday!

  2. I think I was that girlfriend at lunch. I hope you didn't take what I said wrong :( I was thinking that your writing is amazing and I believe that it could always lead you to a very cool position if ever needed(yes better than cashiering at Target!) Loved the skating and lunch yesterday and looking forward to seeing you and Gen next week :)

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