Truly Springing Forward…

It’s Spring Break, in our house. Since we home school, it will look a lot like days in the sunshine (assuming, of course, the sun cooperates)… 
It will look a lot like creativity… I want to attempt to sew a camera strap. (I am NOT a seamstress) I want to teach Gen some things in the kitchen. Genny wants to have a few more Chopped sessions… {If you’ve never seen the Food Network show, than that makes no sense… If you have, then yes- we’ve taken to doing our own basket meal versions. It’s fun.} She’s planning on decorating a messenger bag. I’m planning on finishing the decorations for her party. 
It will look a lot like fun… Fun that comes packaged in a colorful assortment of time with friends, just hanging out; board games; wii time; scooter riding; basketball games; and maybe even swimming… 
It will look like home… cooking; crafting; vegging; reading; writing… (hopefully, writing, that is…) 
It will look like special outings… A trip to the theater to see a musical; a spa day complete with hair treatments, pedicures and manicures; a visit to the museum; roller skating and movies… 
It will look like quality time, however you look at it… And not a moment too soon, either! 
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5 thoughts on “Truly Springing Forward…

  1. One of these years, I want to have a spring break like yours! Oh, and good luck with the camera strap. I just came across a tutorial for a camera strap slipcover that I think I'd like to try. It looked so easy – and cute! I want to see yours when it's done :)

  2. So glad you're getting your spring break. I'm kinda liking your plans and hope the weather cooperates. I realized this week that as much fun as it is to travel, even a 3 day trip takes a whole week when you factor in getting ready to leave and unpacking. It's really all we did. Reading about your break plans makes me super ready for summer…

  3. Good for you! We start spring break this FRIDAY!! I can't wait! The crafts sound fun and the chopped activity is too cute! Thanks for visiting peaceful divas last week!

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