Sort of like Where’s Waldo, only WAY better…

It’s really easy to notice, in every direction we look, the devastation in life. This week it’s Japan. It seems like we all know someone who is suffering from Cancer; someone who has lost a child; marriages ending… It’s a never ending cycle. I guess it is something about the way we are wired, that the majority of us sort of get lost in the ugliness. Life becomes tragically bleak and misery abounds… 
But what kind of life is that? 
Should we feel guilty that we set our dinner table with a well balanced meal while someone, somewhere, is starving? I don’t think so. 
I am learning more and more, every day, that I have the responsibility to find the beauty in my everyday… 
I say mine, because my beauty may look differently than yours. 
But think about it, for a second. Imagine one of your worst days. A day where nothing seemed to go right and every minute seemed to lead to you feeling more broken and alone. What if, in the midst of that horrible day, something caught your eye and convicted you with so much inspiration and beauty that you found yourself overcome with tears of joy and gratitude. 
How much would that one little moment change that day? Your heart? Your life… 
I want to have an eye for beauty. True beauty- that I could spot it anywhere… 
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image courtesy of katie hansen’s photostream

5 thoughts on “Sort of like Where’s Waldo, only WAY better…

  1. Great perspective. It's so easy to get lost in the negative.BTW, I just had to share that the word verification for this comment is "busti"… lol!

  2. I have struggled with postpartum depression and finding the simplest of beauty can be so hard to find…yet it is so essential to keep looking for it. I really loved this post.

  3. Amen, Misty. I believe it is our job to find beauty and joy every day. It benefits no one, least of all those who are suffering, for us to walk around in sackcloth and ashes.Great post.

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