Parole… {???}

Every day someone asks me if Genny’s grounding is done yet… 
I know, right?!?!?!?!
Oh. My. Gosh. This is torture… 
Week one was torture, though the first half of the week (so pretty much, three days) felt almost good. Kind of like “this sucks, but it’s for a good cause” type of good. But, then those three days became an entire, long week. And now, we are into the second one. 
Grounding= worst consequence idea EVER… 
Who came up with this? 
You know the ideal grounding situation, for a parent? The kind where the parent has a live-in, 24 hour nanny. 
And the thing is, I’ve been out of the house. I grocery shopped… I went to mom’s night out, (yes, I did. Even with a low grade migraine. There was no way I was staying home for one more second…) I did a film review and went to this interior design sale. But still, the second I walk back in this house, it is like the dense fog of grounding encloses around me and fifty percent of my oxygen is stolen away. 
I always knew I was claustraphobic. Maybe I’m groundaphobic too… 
Next consequential sentencing we’re going to have to come up with something different! 
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4 thoughts on “Parole… {???}

  1. This was great! Grounding is so much worse on the parent, namely the mother in our house since dad is so much better at ignoring the whole situation.

  2. My parents always would say to me "This is a lot harder on us than it is on you"…and in my head I was cursing like a sailor. I've been grounded a lot in my day. That's the worst punishment ever…but totally effective.Be strong

  3. we have a rule in our house that don't make everyone else suffer for one of the kid's punishments…guess grounding is going to have to be added to that. thanks for letting me learn from you!

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