And, it’s a wrap…

Here at Chez’ Wagner, it has been quite the week…

Wind, snow , sunshine, blizzards, sixty-five degree days… Unpredictable, if anything…

My favorite Rainy Day in May post would have to be this one though, for the life of me I can’t understand why.

The most incredible thing I encountered on the web was this video
Top five moments:
1} getting our garage (after three years) organized. (PLUS it was 65 that day!)
2} lunch and a matinĂ©e with a girlfriend.
3} Lent… I get excited about things like that!
4} funny text bantering with Chw about sending him to the gallows. :) {we’re cool like that!}
5} Going to see the Broadway tour of Fiddler on the Roof.

Best song this week was this one, HANDS DOWN!

Best recipe was Vegetarian Korma. It’s a family favorite (even my meat loving husband loves it!) only we change a few things… and I use Sweet potatoes for half of the potatoes it calls for. And we don’t use onions.

While practicing the ways of the home educating we studied horses, specifically caring for them, the science of them and ways they’ve been used and bred over the years. We are reading the play Romeo & Juliet for literature, which has of course brought about some interesting discussions…

Best thing I read was chapter eight in One Thousand Gifts… It may be taking me a long time to get through this book, due to almost no time to read, but every time I get the chance i just love it all the more.

I am really looking forward to an interior design sale, with a girlfriend tomorrow, followed by a film critique… {You know I’m anxious to get out of the house when I’m uber excited about critiquing ;) } Also hoping to sneak in some sort of date with the husband but we’ll see…

How was your week? What were your best moments? 

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