Challenged to Love…

Love and Valentines day have always been some sort of bickering couple, in my eyes… While Valentines day seems to be all about spending money, either expensive gifts or the opposite end of the spectrum with corny gifts, and lots of pressure- love should always be the opposite. 
We aren’t big Valentines day people around here… Well, that’s not entirely true. We make the usual cards and heart shaped cookies, do the heart shaped breakfast, etc. Chw and I exchange cards and he’ll buy me flowers because he always does, and I’m ok with that. Even better, he brings them to me personally- not sending them anonymously. It’s simple and easy, and I love it. We don’t go out on a date. I make Genny chocolate covered strawberries and a card, every year. Her daddy brings her flowers and a balloon. It’s pretty much perfect and I’m totally happy with it. 
BUT- I look around me and I see that February, throughout this Hallmark tradition, has been deemed the month of LOVE. And that got me to thinking about real love. Real loving kindness and generosity. i need to give more of that… 
So this year I’m going to. i am making a Valentines Pledge, and anyone who reads this will be my witness (unless you join me. Then we’ll keep each other accountable.) 
I pledge to go above and beyond the comfort of myself to express love and appreciation to my family. To honor love, however love is given, and to make extra effort to ensure that my family feels loved and accepted
Day One: 
Communicate one unique reason why i love each of them, and spend at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted quality time with them. 
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11 thoughts on “Challenged to Love…

  1. Hi Misty! So nice to meet you from Blog Frog today! You're now one of my "February Love" bloggers, and I look forward to getting to know you :-). Good for you – committing to showing some extra love to your family is such a great thing! We've got a lot of love going on over at Living Graciously this month, so hopefully it will inspire you further in your quest!

  2. Kristin, Thank you so much! That is so very sweet… Seriously… thank you :) i am really looking forward to the month and what Living Graciously will offer! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. What a great idea, Misty! I'll enjoy picking up your ideas. We aren't a big Valentines family either. In fact, my husband will be thousands of miles away on a business trip but I've got him a card and can slip it in his luggage and hopefully that will suffice until he returns. :-)

  4. What a great reminder of what is important and what love is really about, Misty. I love your blog and I will happily visit whenever you write a new post! Yaay (and I join you in your pledge as well…I love it!) Cheers ~Norma

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