Here comes the sun…

Is there anything more symbolic in our society than a sunrise? It signifies so much. I, myself, have had many a sunrise moments where life seemed to get brighter and more beautiful after a darkish hell… I wouldn’t necessarily say that my life is in a darkish sort of hell right now, because it isn’t. My life is actually really great, but that’s a different story… It’s just that, well, the sunrise this morning reminded me that- every day, it’s going to come… 
Sometimes I need the silliest reminders… 
Though I’m not going to get into it in such a public manner, Saturday brought with it some very ugly things that I had to face. I spent the majority of the weekend with a massive knot in my gut and always on the verge of feeling like I was about to be sick at my stomach. Sleep, since then, has been rough… Dreams even worse… But then the sunrise this morning reminded me of everything in my life. Everything good and beautiful, as well as everything gritty and difficult. Life is full of bad, and if we let it that can be overwhelming. Life is full of good too, of great even. It’s just a matter of which we choose to look at… 
This morning I’m looking at the sunrise… 
This week I plan to: 
1} Read a book. (no, i did not do this last week… Gen got the chicken pox and everything sort of went down hill.) 
2} have fun with Genny. Good, quality fun. 
3} get creative, with Genny. 
4} cook 3 things/recipes I’ve never made before. 
5} get (at least) 2500 words of writing on the project, done. 
6} bake bread. (yes, i did do this last week, using my LAME breadmaker and it was awful. doing it by hand this time.) 
7} map out garden plan. 
8} hand write five notes/letters. 
9} try to forgive more. 
10} have a quality date night with Chw.
How’s your week looking? 
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3 thoughts on “Here comes the sun…

  1. We might get our coveted snow day this week! Even though I just had 7 days of hibernating while the flu ran through the family, I'm hoping we get that day.I just finished "The Help" and liked it. It was hard to get in to, but once I did, it was hard to put down.What are you reading?

  2. i am trying to reread Crazy Love. ( i need to grow up and learn to make time instead of waiting for it to drop in my lap!) I loved the help!

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