the anatomy of a kiss…

Something about the way life and it’s minutes and dreams are told- in our culture, through film, stories and music- has this way of making certain moments feel more real than they are. Like the on screen or lyrical kiss, for example. I wish that I had the science or technical details of how long people have found portrayals of the kiss, so moving. 

One day my daughter asked me why kissing was so special. Spitting definately is not special, and isn’t kissing just spitting into someone else’s mouth? Gross. And well, I found I couldn’t really argue with her elementary logic.  Instead I simply turned my head and smiled because I knew that someday she too would find her heart all knotted up over the idea of some dreamy eyed boy bequeathing to her, her first kiss. 
I’m a kisser, I’ll admit it.
I love kissing.
It seems like a funny thing for a 34 year old to talk about, but there it is. Not just that kind of kissing, either. My sister and I kiss on the cheek, I kiss my daughter and niece and nephews on the forehead about a thousand times a day. I find the fact that the British and upper class exchange cheek kissing to be something of which I envy them. It’s lame, I know… 
Most of all, though, I do love kissing my husband. 
I love the way I feel when my husband kisses me
One of my favorite movies is Baz Luhrman’s version of Romeo and Juliet. I adore that movie probably a little too much, a truth to which my little sister Jennie can attest. I love it from beginning to end, but along with every other lover of that film, one of my all time favorite scenes is the aquarium scene with Des’ree singing in the background. Singing about kissing someone home
Isn’t that simply the most lovely thought ever? 
Because a kiss should be so much more than an exchanging of spit and hormones. Maybe technically that is all it is, when you remove the heart of it all… (not that the hormone and spit part aren’t vital, of course). Anyone can do that, but I’m talking about the kisses with true heart and love as their driving force…
The REAL kisses… 
Today’s part of my 28 day challenge
– Today I plan to kiss my husband… And to kiss him home, with all of the love I can, into a home that is peaceful and nurturing. 
– To pray for my kids, that God keeps them safe and helps them feel warm and loved… Also, to pray for the people from here on out who will enter their lives, and possibly love them and one day may be the person kissing them goodnight. That those people will be nurtured and loved, learning themselves to love in beautiful, complete and healthy ways… 
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19 thoughts on “the anatomy of a kiss…

  1. What a very sweet way to start my day. I love that the post was short and sweet, just enough time to read it before I hit the ground running. Ok, I will try to kiss my hubby when he get home too! I love your whole day 28 challenge..I will try it all too:) I am a new Networked blog for you.

  2. *Sigh*! I'm so grateful that my family enjoys kisses, because I like to share them as well. My son is quite fond of the "double cheekers", so I get in plenty of those too! I like to think of kisses with my husband a a gauge – I know if I don't get one before he leaves or right when he comes home that something is wrong. Kissing is important stuff!

  3. Lexie, That's an excellent point… it is a good gauge. Genny would totally go for the double cheek thing. I'll suggest it. She dreams of a british upper class adulthood. Life has some harsh surprises for her. :p

  4. What a sweet and lovely post. I am so blessed to be part of a snuggly and loving family. What a nice reminder to redouble my efforts to show love to my favorite people. I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

  5. My hubby is traveling. Absense makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps. After reading this, I can't wait to kiss him when he gets

  6. wow! I'm coming up on our 5 year anniversary, and realize I sure don't kiss my hubby half as much as I did when we were dating and engaged. Thank you for this post. I will make it my personal challenge to do so more often.

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