Ain’t too proud to beg…

I’ve decided to take the weekend off to hang out with my poor chicken pox ridden child… 
If that plan tanks though, I will come back to read blogs… But only to read them… That’s it. No writing them. The reason is, of course, because I will be taking the weekend off… 
In the meantime though, I’ve got a completely ginormous favor to ask! It will only take a minute or so and i promise to love you forever, with undying gratitude, in return… 
At the top of my left side bar you’ll see three super cool little options: 
1.) to subscribe to my blog. 
2.) to follow me on twitter. 
3.) to like my facebook page. 
Would you mind picking one, (or two, or three) and subscribing or liking? Seriously, I’d really appreciate it! 
And, one last thing, if you are feeling extra generous, just below my ads, on the right side, is my networked blogs badge. Follow me there too? 
You guys are seriously, the best… :) 
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3 thoughts on “Ain’t too proud to beg…

  1. I totally need to get these things on my blog! I had them, and then my upgrade wiped out my sidebars. Argh! I'm off to stalk you in many more ways! LOL

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