My shiniest, proudest moment EVER…

Ok, So maybe not the proudest moment, ever, but I chuckled a little… 
While continuing my quest as to what direction I want my blog journey to head, lots of interesting articles have been mentioning that I should know my audience… 
OF COURSE! Why didn’t I think of that? 
Naturally, my next step was to venture into my stats- as it was there that I would learn the truth. The truth like how Google brought me brilliant people searching for:
– rainy day in may. (thank you! really…) 
– disappointment in people. (not even sure. In me? Me in others? Most importantly- did they find what they were looking for?) 
– how many days are in may? (mkay) 
– how many rainy days are in may, every year? (hmm.) 
but this one took the cake:
– bloggers who think twilight sucks. Ha ha ha… 
{For the record: i loved the book, hated the movie and yet appear hypocritical because I’ve seen it a bazillion times… I’m sorry. Loved the soundtrack; can’t stand Kristen Stewart. Totally Team Edward (due to the books) though i would absolutely jump on the bandwagon to wash Rob’s hair for him- should he need some help… 
And yes, I do own a Twilight hoodie…
i think that about covers that…} 

22 thoughts on “My shiniest, proudest moment EVER…

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I know I have disappeared for awhile, but this just cracked me up. I hate Kristen Stewart still. 100% Team Edward. Can't stand rob. He just drives me insane. I am glad to know that you still are writing about twilight though!

  2. Popping in from Mom Loop today and loved your blog! I think you authenticity shows and you bring up some great points. Feel free to visit back and follow if you like. Hope you have a great weekend!Kim

  3. Christine, in all fairness, the LAST time I blogged about Twilight was forever ago… The other day Gen said "you should get a Twilight Mom sticker for your car." I honestly shuddered…

  4. Oh you are funny! That whole Twilight thing cracked me up! I'm here from momloop! I'm agonna add you! =) I love finding new blogfriends! I am always trying to figure out what audience i want to target..I think I have blog ADD. Really, I do.=)

  5. heather, Girl, ME TOO!!! The question of "what's your blog about" really stumps me… ADD about sums it up! :) thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  6. LOL. Blog stat's can yield some interesting and surprising results. I also enjoy the creativity and unintended humor in some of my spam comments. Anyway, here's how people found me most recently on Google. Some make sense? Enjoyed your blog!dora graphicsi miss my dad very much blogBMW Motorcycle with sidecarkate * * * * * tummy bugi just wanna read green eggs and ham!do boys who never met their father miss themMulberry BBC youtubediaper genie blogpoisoned by dora the explorer candystoddards in arizonaThese are Mulberry days on youtubefacebook status miss you daddyblogs playtexmulberry days themereal men change diapersis it wrong for a man to change my daughters diaperpr-info.comsing a ma jig creepygoogle error wpmp_switcher=desktopjekolisa@yahoo.comsteampunk laptopboycott disney channelCute things that could be potentially creepywhy dads should change diapersblog children costumesfree franchise children audiobookSTODDARD TUCSONdaughter feetvampire baby namesToddlers toy that says really creepy "good night"boycott elmoixl smart devisebaby komodo dragon picturessoccer mom hyundai santa fedad won't change diapers

  7. humm, wonder if I am on the list of "bloggers who think twilight sucks"?I do know that one of my most googled pages is one with a picture of JayLo's Butt. Which means I must have a butt fixation. And I'm okay with that.

  8. I'm always amazed at the google searches that bring people to my blog… especially since I can rarely replicate it myself.And I would tell you how I found you, but I just can't remember. :)

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