Things that keep us going…

Several months ago, I logged into blogger and realized that my blog was dead.

There had been things that had occurred, in the real life spectrum of things, which had left me uninspired to continue it. Even so, Rainy Day and I had been together for SOOOO long, it seemed incomprehensible to just ax her. So, I held off. I posted infrequently with photos and such, just something to keep her sustained until I knew for sure…

And then NaNo happened, and I realized that I’m not really ready to be done, as a blogger. Because this blog is attached to my name I may be a lot more selective about the information I choose to share AND I have removed quite the majority of my archives- (for that same reason) but I’m not ready to see her go.

And yeah, my blog IS a girl. :) She’s obviously indecisive and quite often emotional- so it makes sense.

I realize I will have to rebuild my readership, which is ok.

NaNo inspired me to actually write again, for the first time in a long time. It restored something inside of me, and apparently just in time. Big things are brewing on the forefront of my life and quite honestly, I can’t imagine braving the storm without blogging…

If you happen to be someone who is still reading, thanks. :) I’ve gotten some really great emails and love in regards to whether or not I’d return here. I can’t tell you what they have meant. I guess essentially that means I can’t imagine braving on, without you…

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6 thoughts on “Things that keep us going…

  1. Glad to hear that you are not going anywhere. I haven't been too active with blogging lately (I've had my own share of motivation/inspiration), but I always enjoy your posts. :)

  2. How did NaNo go for you? I'm glad it re-inspired you to blog–it's re-inspired me to continue with my fiction writing and I am LOVING IT. Glad to see you back. :)

  3. i haven't checked in a while thinking you were doing like you said, infrequent pics and such. SO glad to read your inspiring words again!

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