Out with the old, in with the new…

Being a RAD family, tradition has becoming an increasingly important part of our holiday season. It was our second Christmas that our daughter made it known that ornaments were the key part of that. Here we are, eight Christmas’ later and we decided to mix it up for the first time.
Last year, even she had to admit the tree was looking a little tired. She wanted a smaller tree to design herself, so we went with that. Though we would still sit by the glow of the tree lights, of an evening, we all began to look dreamily at the decorations in the stores and imagine something completely new and different.
So, this year, we unanimously agreed to take the plunge.
We bought a crisp white artificial tree. It’s beautiful!
Last Christmas, a sweet friend had sent me a Breast Cancer Awareness ornament. Because last year had resembled a difficult year in that area (a false diagnosis, months of fear and worry, etc.) it was even more special for me. So, naturally this was the first ornament to dangle- and complete inspiration for the rest…

Hot pink, grey and silver…


The beautiful butterfly ornament we purchased from Bronnor’s the year my mom Julie passed away…

strings of glass and dozens of glass, “diamond” style ornaments…

Loads of glitter, sparkles, glimmer and complete girliness…

with a Tiara, to boot…

and, of course, a disco ball…

My husband even loves it, because it’s different.
Not being overly girly, or a big fan of pink, even I’m surprised
how much I truly do adore it. :)
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2 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new…

  1. Yeah! Looks great! Change is sometimes a good thing. We have a story tree in which each ornament tells a story. We all pick out a new one every year to represent what we like and are into at that time. It's fun to see how much things change…and how much they stay the same.

  2. It is gorgeous! Molli just said, "Mom, we are TOTALLY doing that next year!" To which Jonah replied, "I'm moving to Grandma's." LOL Nice job!

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