M is for…

M is for Movie– Steel Magnolias. Sad. Stupidly sad. Not a movie one should watch after having just lost a friend. Sad. Sad.

M is for Me– Me annoyed at the attention spans of husbands. (namely mine!)

M is for Maddening– Maddening: Costco on a Sunday afternoon, 2 hours after all churches (Christian, Catholic and LDS) released…

M is for Maybe– Maybe… Maybe… Maybe…

M is for Meal-Plan-Monday

Monday: B- Peanut Butter Toast, Orange, Warm Apple Cider
L- Grilled Cheese, Soup
D- Barbecue Chicken, Creamy Augratin Potatoes, steamed squash
and sugar snap peas.

Tuesday: B- Blackberry Oatmeal, toast, OJ
L- Taco Salad, Banana, juice
D- Morningstar Farms Prime Griller, Whole Wheat Bun,
swiss, lettuce, tomato & ranch pasta salad

Wednesday: B- cereal, juice, blueberries
L- turkey sandwich, pasta salad, gogurt
D- Chicken tenders, homemade mac & cheese, steamed peas

Thursday: B- Toaster Strudel, yogurt, fresh berries
L- leftover chicken tenders, string cheese, applesauce
D- Homemade pigs in a blanket, soup

Friday: B- scrambled egg with cheese, sausage patty, toast, juice
L- half turkey sandwich with cranberry spread, baked beans, pickle
D- swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, steamed asiago broccoli

8 thoughts on “M is for…

  1. Hi Misty — Apropos of nothing (doesn’t even start with “m”), have you read “I Capture the Castle”? I love this book. A good way to start the week — with a sweet, funny book.Hey — did I read that you hate puppies?? Oh, hey now! I just wrote a post about our pup, heart of our home. :)

  2. homemade pigs in a blanket… thanks! that will go over big this week, during our week of “daddy’s traveling so what the heck do we eat?”yum…

  3. I’m so impressed that you plan meals out this far in advance… I haven’t even decided what to have for breakfast today, and it’s 10:15am here!

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