On phone call number three with my brother in law, I remember sherri saying her pregnant friend had be dilated to 4. So i told him “maybe she left in a hurry to go be with her, and forgot her phone…” 

He was still fearful, because of her past… I was in a bad place. 
This morning however, the situation is solved. 
I had been right. 
The friend was in a lot of pain and wanted someone to sit with her until her hubby was off work. Then, the weather made the late night drive home, tough. 
and all is well. 
oh yeah, and now I have a key… :) 
Thanks for all of your concern and well wishes! 
Tragedy averted… 
But what’s with all of this snow? 

16 thoughts on “midnight…

  1. Jenny says:

    zzfvyI hope you are feeling better.(About Google Reader: I don’t know either. Sometimes the pictures on your blog don’t show up as well. I look at google reader at home and work on two different computers with two different browsers, so I just think that it’s the formatting. Amazon’s widget’s don’t usually show up either. Anyway. Blak.)

  2. The Stevens Family says:

    Hello. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you related to some of my quircks. It makes me feel a little less “weird.” I was just reading through your blog and I’m glad everything turned out all right, but don’t you just wish sometimes they would call? Gotta love sisters!

  3. momaof4 says:

    I echo the last comment! Just call. My parents would say that all the time…but I still forget..course I am the youngest too. HmmmmGlad it is all settled. Sorry you had to be in the middle! yuck.

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