M is for…

M is for Movie– Steel Magnolias. Sad. Stupidly sad. Not a movie one should watch after having just lost a friend. Sad. Sad.

M is for Me– Me annoyed at the attention spans of husbands. (namely mine!)

M is for Maddening– Maddening: Costco on a Sunday afternoon, 2 hours after all churches (Christian, Catholic and LDS) released…

M is for Maybe– Maybe… Maybe… Maybe…

M is for Meal-Plan-Monday

Monday: B- Peanut Butter Toast, Orange, Warm Apple Cider
L- Grilled Cheese, Soup
D- Barbecue Chicken, Creamy Augratin Potatoes, steamed squash
and sugar snap peas.

Tuesday: B- Blackberry Oatmeal, toast, OJ
L- Taco Salad, Banana, juice
D- Morningstar Farms Prime Griller, Whole Wheat Bun,
swiss, lettuce, tomato & ranch pasta salad

Wednesday: B- cereal, juice, blueberries
L- turkey sandwich, pasta salad, gogurt
D- Chicken tenders, homemade mac & cheese, steamed peas

Thursday: B- Toaster Strudel, yogurt, fresh berries
L- leftover chicken tenders, string cheese, applesauce
D- Homemade pigs in a blanket, soup

Friday: B- scrambled egg with cheese, sausage patty, toast, juice
L- half turkey sandwich with cranberry spread, baked beans, pickle
D- swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, steamed asiago broccoli

8 thoughts on “M is for…

  1. Hi Misty — Apropos of nothing (doesn’t even start with “m”), have you read “I Capture the Castle”? I love this book. A good way to start the week — with a sweet, funny book.Hey — did I read that you hate puppies?? Oh, hey now! I just wrote a post about our pup, heart of our home. :)

  2. I’m so impressed that you plan meals out this far in advance… I haven’t even decided what to have for breakfast today, and it’s 10:15am here!

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