For the record…

– self discipline at bed time sucks worst of all… or rather yet, I suck at it...
– i LOVE the movie Juno.
– I also loved Charlie Wilson’s War.
– I think puffs tissue with Vicks enfused in to it is seriously an ingenious invention!
– sometimes cereal for dinner is a good thing.
– puppies are uncool.
– i am thoroughly addicted to shooting rabbits. (on the Wii that is, with Rayman’s Raving Rabbids 2)
– I miss The Office.
– I had a great chat with my mom tonight.
– I have to be up in 4 hours and it’s a jam packed/stress filled day.
– our local market had hand picked forget-me-nots for sale. Where on earth did they get them? (of course i bought them! they are lovely.)
– in the event that my divorce from DPM is going well, I decided to celebrate my soda-liberation with a strawberry italian soda (homemade)…
It exploded everywhere. Literally.
– My husband, Mr. “I hate to travel” with the middle name “I hate the ocean!” is spending the weekend with his co-worker/buddy at a family’s home in California. It’s a coastal home…
It’s cold here…
I want a coastal getaway…

Oh well. Bekah is watching Garden State in the living room. I love that movie SOOOO much and the music is contributing to my happiness. It’s those late nights before a stressful morning when I contemplate calling DPM. Just to see how he is… See if he wants to come hang out… (Oh Diet Pepsi Max, I do miss you a little. But I am trying to be strong!)

11 thoughts on “For the record…

  1. Stay strong on the soda thing!! I haven’t given up soda completely, but I did give up Diet Coke – have been off of it for 2 years (or more) now. I drink a regular soda a couple times a week, but more often I choose iced tea now!! Yay! It’s a good choice!

  2. AWWWWWW,I admire you for being so strong and just saying NO. I still can’t kick the DDP (Diet Dr. Pepper) and would really like to but then i would just drink more ICCL (Iced cold coors light)and it might be worse!Happy New Year!

  3. Hang tight on the soda thing. If this helps, there is a bag of potato chips in my pantry. I would give my left pink toenail to finish the bag. So, I feel your pain. I just all your little thoughts and bulletpoints!

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