is this who I am now?

I got super carsick yesterday, which isn’t something that happens to me regularly. (boat sick, yes… Carsick, no.) When the waves of violent nausea set in I instantly remember a Tuesday, a few weeks ago, when I also experienced a severe case of carsickness, to the point of vomiting multiple times all over my best friend’s car. Terrible.

I also realized that, aside from the following day when I spent a few hours in the car dead asleep, I hadn’t been in a car since that fateful Tuesday nearly three weeks ago. This is due to working from home, and covid. (Covid is 100% to blame! The number of canceled plans proves that if it had been up to me, I would have been out doing things…) It begs the question: is this who I am, as a car passenger, now?

I hope not! (especially since I’m headed out of town on Saturday)

As I drove home from dropping my husband off, cool air on my face and music in my ears, my mind began thinking about how much life had changed. There once was a time my car was driven daily and I plowed through a dozen+ podcast episodes weekly and found myself grabbing coffee from a drive-thru… I can’t even imagine that life now.

It sounds exhausting.

I’m certainly happier at a slow pace.

I was dropping my husband off for a business trip, which is another huge thing that has changed… He used to travel for work 2-3 weeks out of most months, whereas this is the second business trip he’s taken in 4 years.

Sometimes it feels as though nothing changes and we allow boredom to set it. Minus the onset of what seems to be my new “friendship” with carsickness, I’m finding myself so grateful for the chance to reflect back on how those specific things have changed for the better…

Taking time to pause and look back to evaluate changes and growth can be a beautiful thing.