August slipped away…

Here’s a super quick post about what I learned in August:

  • You can plan and prepare for many things, but they will unfold the way they are meant to and that’s ok. Probably better, to be honest.
  • The internet can be terrible, but it can also be magic. We’ve reached the point in this game where we need the magic that is made from a small boy and his deep love of corn and the world of artists on TikTok who see the potential.
  • No matter how safe we are, how insured we are, or how we “plan for the worst” sometimes we just get screwed.
  • My best friend’s mom makes the best cupcakes in the world.
  • When you deeply love someone and write about them in your book, and then everyone who reads your book falls in love with them too–this is exactly the sort of thing I didn’t know I needed to happen, but it did and I want to do that again and again and again with my people.
  • The Resort on Peacock is brilliant. (that’s all. That’s the line here.)
  • Covid is weird. Like, my thighs are crazy week and my tastebuds make things taste wrong. (they also enhance salty and sweet in the worst of ways). It leaves me exhausted but prohibits me from sleeping. People die from it, but also there are no restrictions anymore… I’m in a giant swarm of Covid brain-fog and confusion over here, going on 8 days strong. Also, something as simple as folding a t-shirt becomes hella hard.
  • My people create amazing things.

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