The Convenience…


Hello and happy Friday! (How is it that it feels like it might always be a new Friday, and yet January has lasted an eternity? Perplexing…) I am so glad you’re here! I am partnering once again with the gang over at Five Minute Friday. (new to the idea? Kate gives a prompt and we have FIVE MINUTES to free write about it, publish and share with you. :) )


As I observe the world, through this lens of social media and the internet, I find myself heavy by the reactive nature we have adopted.

We claim (and cling to) offense because it is easy. It is convenient to engage in wars that are not our own, simply because we believe we should. We hold high our position that our voice matters, and have decided everything might just be our business.

Our voices DO matter.

Mine does. Yours does.

They exist to tell our own stories. Through those journeys we are meant to clothe ourselves in an empathy that holds the hands of a stranger and can bridge the gaping distance between souls who are broken and alone.

Our voice was never meant to SCREAM in text at someone who believes, votes or looks differently than we do.

Horrible things happen. We disagree with recent legislation, decisions made and today’s labelling standards. Disagreeing is ok, but as a people we need to start behaving in uncomfortable and INconvenient ways… stop the hate… stop the resentment, the judgement and the attempting to demand in decibels louder than the next, that everyone else get on board and agree with our obscenity. (and let’s be frank- when we behave in such a way, hiding behind the keyboard we type on, it does not matter what our truth based foundation is, the method is nothing but obscenity.)

We were never promised an easy life filled with blessings, sans any problems. We were, however, told to love. In our guts, when we strip away layers of life, we KNOW we are supposed to love. Love is not convenient. It is not a drive-thru behavior. It is real, it may be expensive, but it is vital… Life sustaining.

This is how our voices matter because LOVE is what they were made for.


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