Under the influence…

It’s once again Friday and that means contributing to the collective writing challenge of Five Minute Friday. I’ve got my word, I’ve got my timer and my coffee so I guess that means I’m ready to go…


Whenever I open my mouth or take pen to paper, within the realms of my professional life, I aim to be a good influence. The thing about good though, is that it is not inherently always found within the confines of something positive. While speaking truth with love to one person, they may be receiving it as bigoted judgement based on the filters with which they are absorbing from.

It is unfair really.

I believe in accountability and owning up to what I have said or done. I see cute little memes about doing what makes you happy, following your dreams, and believing in yourself. While these are not specifically bad, they are not all that great either. Little trending catch phrases can validate one woman in her online affair, and reassure a husband in his addictions. In the end, maybe we find the defining elements of good in the places we expect to see them.( Legalistically the same could be said for bad. If we go in looking for negative, we will probably find negative.)

Pretty much everything is subjective.

My life has held countless times of me eagerly sharing a song or film which deeply moved me and served to make my life that much better, while the person whom I’m sharing it with simply can’t see it, doesn’t get it, or worse- finds something about it offensive. (subjective and offensive… the very words defining everything these days.)

The best I can do is be honest, even when it’s ugly, be vulnerably me, transparently moving forward and willing to walk alongside another. The best I can do is love, and believe that it will have a life-giving influence at some point.


6 thoughts on “Under the influence…

  1. You make a great point, Misty. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What’s important is that we keep heading true North–and keep our relationship with Jesus strong.

  2. Oh, I so agree with you about “Doing what makes you happy, following your dreams, and believing in yourself”. They’re not bad but they can be used for bad. Instead, we need to follow Christ and we will be fulfilled in him. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Blessings to you!

  3. Great stuff here, Misty.

    For what it’s worth…

    The Godly call for influence
    of other souls so dear
    is caught up in my repentance
    of doubt, and worldly fear.
    I cannot pretend to be
    a paragon of faith
    when I can so clearly see
    that I live not as I saith.
    I really want to bold-inspire
    those who read my words,
    but the only way that this desire
    can live, is when God begirds
    the fainting heart within my breast;
    with Him only, am I my best.

  4. Some folks are going to be offended no matter what you say. That’s just how they are. And like you said. some are filtering through their own experiences, which may not have been pleasant.

    There are times I see memes posted by professing Christians and I’m thinking to myself…”Really?” If I can make a comment that makes a point without condemning the meme or the poster, I do it….but that’s pretty hard to do.

    Margaret FMF#11

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