The Ocean Rolls Us Away… (away, away)

On Fridays, most of the time, I join some really inspirational and talented writers. Kate over at Five Minute Friday issues a one word prompt and we have five minutes to write whatever free flow, unedited thoughts come to us. Every week I am amazed at some of the really extraordinary pieces I read from the link-up and since this week’s prompt is about my very favorite thing in the entire world, I can’t wait…


Oh, the ocean rolls us away



the ocean rolls us away…

Buds tucked inside of my ears deliver the last touch of a balm my crumbling spirit needed to climb towards the waiting restore…

All of these moments are lost in time

But you caught in my head like a thorn on a vine

To forever torment me and I wonder why

Do I wish I’d never known you at all

Crashing into the atmosphere, competing with the notes the Bravery laments on either side of my mind, the sea foams earthy and present, spraying my sand sprinkled feet while my senses are slammed with salty, sea air.


This is everything.

Like nothing else, in the world, this soft beach bottom embraces me naturally as land and sea violently come together, kiss- only to part again, a mere body’s length from me- (assuming that body was really, really tall, of course.) It is the one place where I feel whole, connected, reborn, in unison with God, salvation and the very core of all that my inspiration comes from.

It is where I am me. Where I see me. Him in me…

The lyrics, the sand, the salty-air, slight wet breeze- a raging metaphor for the moments which I have already walked through, and to the ones still just ahead…

The sun and the moon, an ocean of air
So many voices and nothing is there
But the ghost of you asking me why, why did I leave?
Oh, The ocean rolls us away, away, away
The ocean rolls us away
Oh, The ocean rolls us away, away, away
And I loose your hand through the waves


(Full disclosure, it is 2:14 a.m. on Friday morning and, headphones in and music playing, I was catching up on a deadline and, blurry eyed, decided to knock out my FMF post as well. As I began my timer, the song The Ocean by the Bravery randomly began to play… Except we all know there are no coincidences. It was a beloved little nod, and I embraced it.)

7 thoughts on “The Ocean Rolls Us Away… (away, away)

      1. Heceta Head Lighthouse was where I went the first time I saw the ocean. What a coincidence. The Coastguard was painting the lighthouse and I flirted with a sailor that day.

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