Good Friday morning!

I am once again joining up with Kate and the Five Minute Friday crew. In case you’re new, the way it works is that we get a word, set a time for five minutes and see what happens…

So, here we go!


So many people feel that being a writer is another form of being a dreamer…

That it isn’t a real job. As a writer I have come to the conclusion that maybe they are right. My neighbor Leo cannot walk in to a hospital and just be a surgeon. My friend Bree cannot walk into a tax center and simply be a CPA. Those are jobs that they would train for and educate in, to become certified. Let’s consider a painter… They paint because they love it, it is something that courses richly through their veins and they know that they are their best selves when they are doing this thing they feel they were created to do. That is the heart, the soul and sometimes the curse of being an artist. It isn’t a career, it is a lifeblood all its own. There are jobs in the writing field, but being a writer in and of itself is not a job.

I’ve been soul-searching a lot lately, about writing… About career paths merging with dreams and where I am to be found in the midst of such things. Whenever stress and inner turmoil bubble forth, my anxiety will pulse inside and often that familiar sense of panic swells to the surface. It is all rather timely since my mantra for this year is Let Go. (coincidence? Doubtful)

Let go, Misty, of the scarcity mentality. Let go of the fears and the questions, and insecurities about your path/purpose.
For me, being a writer is not at all like being a dreamer, but my writing does involve dreaming bold. And sometimes i search frantically for something to ease the rising inner tension before my soul spills all over the place, and this moment is when the clarity of it reveals itself.

I don’t have to do it all at once. I can’t. I shouldn’t. I don’t have to know how this tale unfolds, I just have to live it with each click/clack of the keys, because that is when I know I am my best. When it comes time for a break, a breather, a boundaried-space for a step back and fresh start, I simply slide my right pinky over and click it-



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16 thoughts on “Return…

  1. I love this! I’ve been thinking about where I fit as a writer… Do I want to keep it a hobby, pursue a “career,” something in between? I’m learning to do what I love with open hands and trust. (So much easier said than done!) Thank you for this encouragement! (Your FMF neighbor!)

    1. It is hard! My husband is career exploring right now and we’ve been talking a lot about that. He can go to work and come home. There is work and there is home. As a writer there is writing. It doesn’t matter where, or when. When I’m doing it, life is very different than when I’m not. I have said it before- i LOVE your writing… I look forward to seeing where you journey!

  2. Oh my god, I love this so much! My favorite line:
    this thing they feel they were created to do…
    because that is what we are all searching for, the thing we were created to do.
    It’s not being a dreamer, but fulfilling what you were meant to do. And almost always, that “thing” isn’t one thing, but so many, so many titles, so many paths that finally lead you to your last destination.

  3. I love this! Yes, we can’t always see where the path is leading. We just have to keep going and take it one step at a time!

  4. You’ve hit the place many of us live. I definitely relate as it concerns my art. It seems just when I think I’ve figured it out I haven’t. I guess that’s where the faith and trust come in – the hardest part of it all!

  5. AAAGGGHHHH!!! I was so into everything you were saying and had even forgotten the word prompt while reading…and then you got me at the end! That was so, so good! I

    have never considered myself a writer and it was a huge, did I say, “HUGE”, step for me to put myself out there five years ago and start a blog. But I KNEW God was prompting me and I wrestled, cried, prayed, whined to my husband and prayed and cried some more. But in that obedience, He has blessed me with so much more than I am sure I have ever given. I just keep returning to Him for guidance and answers!

    So glad to have visited here today! You have a gift. ♥

  6. The awesome thing about the calling to write is that one doesn’t have to have a degree, and one can ALWAYS improve through practice and self-education! May God be with you as you live out your dreams!

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