It’s Friday, I’m in love…

Well, since the last Friday that I took some time to share with, things like Christmas, crazy bizarre temps and unusual snows have happened. I can tell you, without uncertainty, that none of those things have made the cut for this week’s list…

1.) Don’t judge… Last Friday I did not post because Chw and I were on a road trip. It was on said road trip that I stumbled upon this. The very second I saw it, I could not wait to share it with you! I do not own one (though I really WANT TO own one!) It is the most random, ridiculous and absolutely wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. If fun were a plastic mystical creature who shot rainbow snot balls, this is EXACTLY what fun would look like!

2.) I realize Christmas is over… And maybe you are way more immersed in netflix shows which feature this song. That’s cool. I heard this song a few days before Christmas and, honestly, it MADE my Christmas. There was no room in my mind for any other Christmas song. This track consumed my every waking moment. I sang it constantly, and drove my husband absolutely nuts. Guaranteed, come April, this girl right here will STILL be singing it! (oh husband, you are so welcome!)

3.) Since you just might have that awesomeness stuck in your head now too, I thought I’d share this song. Acapella music really does blow my mind a little. I have shared here before that I really love a good cover. I really, really love a great acapella cover, and this one is fantastic! (also, since we are talking about cover songs: While I was on our road trip I accidentally fell upon bluegrass cover songs. You guys… LISTEN. Listen to the whole thing! It is pretty freaking great!)

Also- my poor husband. While I feel that I just might be the raddest and most versatile road trip DJ in all the land, my poor rap loving engineer husband may not completely agree…

4.) Holiday movies are out and reviews aren’t great. Some aren’t too surprising, others are a little. We’ve been lucky enough to see The Greatest Showman and Jumanji. We really enjoyed them both, but the Greatest Showman was phenomenal! It is a BEAUTIFUL movie to watch. Visually, it is mesmerizing. I really loved the story and was quite moved by the performances and music. That being said, I have to state a bit of a disclaimer… Part of the reason behind such negative reviews is that this movie is significantly less than loosely related on P.T. Barnum. In fact, it really, REALLY annoys me that this movie is titled what it is, because he was kind of a really terrible person. Don’t let the history of the real man deter you from enjoying this beautiful movie. It is FICTION, and he had nothing to do with it- nor does he benefit from it. (and really, our new year NEEDS the message most of these songs are giving! Can not get enough of this album!)

5.) This devotional journal was a Christmas gift and I have to say, I can not get enough of it! I love it!

What about you? Share your favorite things as we say goodbye to 2017, and turn to 2018 with arms wide open…

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