The post about Dreams and Goals… {a giveaway}


greaterMy youngest is a senior in high school, this year! That is insane and incomprehensible, honestly. There are so many things about this which I am not ready for. What really overwhelms me is that next year I won’t be school supply shopping for anyone at home.

My older daughter Amanda has two school aged step sons. I love having a reason to peruse the back-to-school stuff again. It’s so fun and I want to simply buy all of the things. Of course I do not, but I want to. Crisp paper, colored folders and the air cooling a bit all play together well creating my favorite season.

Back to Gen and her senior year though- The entire school year ahead feels like a challenge. It’s her senior year and she made the decision to finish high school online. She has goals that involve college and a career in marketing, but staying in a traditional school seemed to be taking her farther from these goals. She’s also a young seventeen year old so it is quite possible that those dreams may change a few times over the months that follow. I know that I am trying to keep my heart afloat and not stress too much over the two semesters ahead. If it matters, my dream for her is simply that she finish school in a way she is proud of and that whatever happens between now and that cap & tassle day is the stuff that confidence is made from. If you’ve read here for long, you’ll remember it’s been quite a difficult journey for my wee girl. She deserves the best, I pray every morning that she will find belief in that, for herself.

That is one of the things I really loved about Brandon Burlsworth’s story in the film Greater. He shows us the value of, not just the goals and dreams themselves, but of the hard work that goes into them. As a mom I have a lot that I can do to make this heart vision I have for her a reality…

I’m partnering with Grace Hill Media this week in anticipation of the theatrical release of the film Greater. We would love to hear what challenges, goals or dreams you have as this school year begins. One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift card to WalMart, perfect for those school supply needs! Deadline for entries is Saturday August 27th at midnight.


15 thoughts on “The post about Dreams and Goals… {a giveaway}

  1. One thing homeschoolers always need is more supplies. My goal for the year is to prepare mentally for high school *yikes* and to help my 6th grader catch up to where he needs to be!

  2. My dream for my girls this year is that they learn how to be a good friend. Friendship in the midst of middle school drama is HARD. I hope they can deepen the friendships they already have with good, sweet girls.

  3. My greatest challenge at the beginning of each school year is getting my three girls clothing. They always want name brand items and although I am not opposed to purchasing name brand or popular brands, I worry that they are placing their self worth in what is on the outside and not on the inside. I am working hard to teach them that their value has nothing to do with what they are wearing.

  4. My dream for my son and daughter this school year is that they make new friends and do not feel scared starting a new school. It can be hard to start a new school, but I hope that they make friends fast and are excited about learning this school year!

  5. Our oldest is entering junior high, so this will be a different experience from what she had in elementary. In elementary you take the same subjects as every other kid. In junior highshe actually gets to choose a few of the classes she takes, which is the beginning of her starting to shape her own future. I hope this is a lesson for her that she can carry her whole life.

  6. Well, hoping I’m not disqualified for no longer having a “high school” student but I still have dreams for my recent graduate!! I’m learning my dreams for him are not God’s dreams for Him and if I’d have realized that a lot sooner, I’d have saved myself a whole lot of worry!! No preparation that I could have ever made could have prepared me for the life that God had planned so I’m encouraging all moms to take each day as a beautiful gift and truly enjoy each step of the journey (even the tough stuff).

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