What I learned… {July edition}

IMG_1214July was a big month and, while jumping back into this post sharing adventure, I wanted to focus on the things I’m taking away from this month, and the profound moments and lessons I’ll try to remember always…

  • No matter how many births you are able to witness or share in, nothing will be more indescribable than witnessing your daughter’s.
  • holding my newborn grandson, fresh-faced and new to this world, was world shattering.
  • it is never too late to fulfill a promise.
  • sitting down and reading a book in a genre you wouldn’t normally ready can be well needed.
  • Just because you have a beautiful pool doesn’t mean you’ll use it. (this point needs to be rectified.)
  • Korean TV shows are better watched with someone.
  • Sometimes it’s the simplest things, like sitting in bed at the end of the day, and watching an episode of Parks and Rec with someone you love that make the harder moments worth it.
  • Water is everything. Clean water. Good water. Pressure water. I am beyond blessed.
  • writing and receiving letters is the absolute best thing ever.
  • A lesson I’ll continue to learn, and learn and learn: life truly does begin at the end of my comfort zone.
  • making lasagna on a 98 degree day, with no AC is maybe not the wisest choice.
  • My daily quiet time does not have to abide by an agenda, which always led to guilt if I couldn’t quite do it all. It’s about taking the time to be still and know, listen, speak then and learn.
  • July is a rough month for the AC to break…
  • Micro visits from loved ones are better than distance. Stay grateful.
  • Simple isn’t always better.
  • My favorite cd of all time really DOES sound better on vinyl.
  • The Ghostbusters remake really was awesome.
  • How to make Devonshire creme. (and how it tastes awesome on fresh-baked scones with lemon curd.)

What did life teach you this month???

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