Trepidation and unwanted houseguests…

photo-1414541944151-2f3ec1cfd87dThe flu hit my family like a truck this week, and I say my family because by some absolute miracle, I’ve been spared. I know, I know, there is still time. Plus, thanks to the 15-year-old who coughs without covering her mouth and doesn’t really subscribe to the belief of washing her hands, the odds may not be in my favor. Even so, I’ve made it through the last 4 days completely unscathed while they have been (for the most part) miserable.

Even with this unwanted houseguest, it managed to be a pretty alright weekend. Laundry was done, (a weekend activity here, tragically, because my husband travels for work often enough that the routine is a necessity) work was accomplished, research was completed, gifts were wrapped, errands were run, stew was made and I miraculously made it to the movies TWICE. On a healthy weekend that stuff doesn’t happen!

Chw said he felt so much better Saturday evening and wanted to go on a date. I did not believe him, but skeptically went along. Our date consisted of a dinner where he was called away on business (which was pretty important so I don’t fault him), a sweater exchange for me at the mall (don’t we scream romance at this point?) and going to see the movie Wild. If you’ve been reading here for any length of time you will know how absolutely devout I am about Oscar buzz films so I was going to see this one with or without him, but he wanted to see it (a rarity) so it worked out. It was gritty, raw and really opened up good dialogue which played into the ongoing conversation all week, since our New York road trip. All in all, it was a nice evening except for the fact that I could tell as each half hour passed, my husband was fading more and more. I asked him if he wanted to “call it a night”, and finally after the movie, he did. He came home, dropped and slept until noon on Sunday, waking only to talk periodically about the severe ache in his chest.

He claims he feels much better today. I’ll never believe him again… Ha!

There are so many changes ahead for us in 2015, I can’t help but think of them and what lay ahead for me personally. I enter the new year in just a few days time with trepidation. Yes, I know it’s just another day really. Like a new month, or a new week… But it really is something more too. I think of 2014 and how generally hard it has been. Not just for me, but for virtually everyone I know. I can’t think of a single person I know and point out “they’ve had the most amazing year!” Except Taylor Swift, she seems to be having a pretty great year, but then again I don’t really know her. And that’s not to say good things haven’t happened, because they absolutely have. The year has been sprinkled with good things, and I’m so grateful. I guess I’m striving to be optimistic that 2015 might give us a bit of a break. Maybe I’m naive.

But maybe it’s never naive to hope…

At any rate, I’m wishing you and yours a beautiful and happy Christmas, full of more quality and stress free togetherness and less stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Trepidation and unwanted houseguests…

  1. I know Taylor Swift and she said it was a stellar year. :) So sorry your people have been sick; your husband sounds like he was realllllly trying to NOT be sick. Poor thing.
    I HOPE you don’t get the flu-sometimes being stubborn pays off.
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas!!

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