the next ten…


11.) Her sweet tears and embrace, post-customs, after her Jamaican trip.

12.) When things work out, even when it sometimes seems like maybe they shouldn’t have…

13.) That I have a life partner (husband) who loves and supports me. I can’t imagine parenting, working or anything, really, without him…

14.) Deep, mid-afternoon rolling thunder.

15.) afternoon drives to another town simply for laughs, good music and Sonic.

16.) freshly painted toe-nails. That always adds a fresh perspective.

17.) ice water. I’m so incredibly grateful for ice water.

18.) When things go differently than expected… I’m so grateful that life does not work according to my plan, agenda, expectations or worst fears…

19.) Her genuine, deep-soul filled laugh. Even when I’m thinking “oh my goodness, this is not funny, enough already.” I’m so grateful because, she laughs...

20.) for dogs to snuggle with when the husband is out-of-town, on business.

What are you thankful for?

4 thoughts on “the next ten…

  1. 13, 14 and 17 for sure.

    Answered prayers so simple as eating at the dinner table
    Making dinner with my husband
    Running cars
    My flip flops…enough said
    financial freedom (well, almost)
    Unemployment…very grateful
    And the letting go of the things that had me tight fisted, warring inside. To release those things into God’s hands and obtaining the peace I need to carry on my daily life. To not worry about what comes next and just taking it day by day.

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