And starting again…


1.} gentle sprinkles upon a windshield, while driving.

2.}the softening of a sad, angry face, when it falls asleep.

3.}an auditorium of hundreds, laughing and sharing in theatre wonder- united.

4.} the way my hand in his always stirs my soul.

5.} Gen’s quick wit, at the most unexpected and vital of times.

6.} new projects and adventures.

7.} that whispering desire of creativity, from deep, that yearns to try to learn more.

8.} camera shots that magically capture the light in such a way that it’s image steals your words as well.

9.} those lines in a book that reach inside and grab ahold of something unnamable and embrace you.

10.} the way the sunrise streams through my office windows.

{Image found here.}

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