April already…


I’m thinking I need to work on how stressed out and consumed I’m getting at the end of the month… I am just not making my goals very well… Here it is, already the seventh and I’m just getting this to you. Sad.
– work on editing, rewriting and polishing my manuscript. Still. Forever. UGH.
– continue to try NEW things, all year. I’m not complaining…
– quality time with some of my most (absolute favoritestesestestestestestest) people.
– paying a visit to my favorite {cheap} decor store!
– baby snuggles… they are good for the soul.
– Ginormous road trip across the middle of the country. 60 + hours of car karaoke, Smart Water, audio books and pit stops. *sigh*
– swimming! Lots of chlorine in our hair, fo’ sho!
– spending every day this month with showing my husband with love and gifts as we gently walk him through the last 40 days of his 39th year.
– eating at some of our favorite place, and doing some of our favorite things that Michigan just doesn’t have.
– A quick visit to Amanda’s. The best way to wrap up our trip, hands down!
– I’m focussing on more intentional reading (less fluff) throughout the season of Lent.
– after Lent confession: I need some absolute fluff because my brain is feeling a bit fried and I am mega-behind on my book goals. (that Lent sacrifice has been a challenge!)
– journal more.
– Be more graceful.
– A surprise. I’ll keep you posted. Give me about a week, maybe a week and a half and I’ll let you know…
– Writing challenge project for my online writer’s group.
Jesus Feminist
– Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist
– Tales from a Blue Bike
– Storyline By Donald Miller
– finding, DIYing or renovating a table for our bedroom. (still. No luck. I’m so picky!)
– regular gym workouts, post this trip…
– in the meantime, swimming and treadmill…
– Continuing with my fitbit flex. We had a bit of a rough patch, but I believe we’ve working things out.
– doing better on my water intake. I’ve slipped. (preferably, NOT while swimming. Ha!)
– get a massage!
– continuing with our intentional date challenge, hopefully managing one this month, which will put us a bit behind.
– Celebrating 20 years since I first married this amazing man who is my partner and incredible husband!
– Double dating with our two favorite people on the planet! We could eat tv dinners outside of a 7/11 and it would be fabulous, we’ve missed them so much! A year is far too long between get togethers with your life’s greatest assetts!
What about your April?


Your thoughts?

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